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Custom Imprinting

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To create your own Custom Imprinted cards, simply fill out the information below. We can Imprint on the back, front and/or inside of your cards. Don't forget to add the cards you want imprinted, as well as the Custom Imprinting charge, to your cart.

You may imprint different sets of cards within a position for the same imprint charge. (Ex: To imprint on the back of 100 cards, or 10 different sets of horizontal cards, would be $40.00, position A)

Please allow an additional 2-4 days for Custom Imprinting, once artwork is approved. We require that you approve a proof on all Custom Imprints except for 'exact reprints.' Approval of proofs indicates that you have thoroughly read each proof and authorize Photographer's Edge to proceed to production. Due to the personalized nature of imprinted cards, they cannot be returned or exchanged. A design fee of $35 will be charged for orders that are cancelled after the art has been created.

** We reserve the right to allow for a 2% margin under the actual count versus the desired amount. (example: if you order 100 cards, you may receive 98). We will make every effort to provide you with the desired count, however the printing process does not always allow this. If the count comes in under your desired amount, we will compensate you with a like amount of stock cards.

Position A: Back and/or front of horizontal card (one charge for both)
Position B: Back and/or front of vertical card (one charge for both)
Position C: Inside of horizontal card
Position D: Inside of vertical card 
Position E: Upper left corner of envelope (return address) 
Position F: Back flap of envelope (return address)